How To Find The Sleeping Dragon In Elden Ring


First, the player needs to defeat Tibia Mariner, and the easiest way to find him is in Summonwater Village, which is to the east of Limgrave. Once defeated, the player will be rewarded with a Deathroot, which they will need to present to D, Hunter of the Dead, who is at Roundtable Hold and will give instructions to meet with the monster Gurranq.

Once instructed to meet Gurranq, the player will need to travel to a Sending Gate that will transport them to Dragonbarrow. The player should enter the Bestial Sanctum, interact with the Lost Grace of Power, and then travel south towards Fort Forath to discover a Site of Lost Grace when crossing the bridge (both will act as checkpoints).

After racing past the Flying Dragon Greyll and Putrid Avatar, the player will see the Spirit Spring behind the Minor Erdtree, which they must use to propel themselves and their steed into the mountains, towards the fort. There they will find Elder Dragon Greyoll, and once it is defeated, the player will be rewarded 74,000 runes and five Dragon Hearts.