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How Supernatural's
Mark Sheppard
Really Felt About
Crowley Being Cut
Mark Sheppard has had a prolific history in genre storytelling with roles in “Battlestar Galactica” and “The X-Files,” but he is perhaps most recognized for his role in “Supernatural.” First introduced as King of the Crossroads in Season 5, Crowley became a beloved character with his sense of humor and subjective morality.
However, by the time Season 12 rolled around, Sheppard announced on his Instagram that he would no longer be in the series and that it was not his decision. When asked if it was a matter of a terminated contract, Sheppard answered, “It was worse than that. It was kind of tacky. It was like, ‘Oh, we don’t think we’ll have enough money to pick up your option next year.’”
He further explained, “I think a particular showrunner — who shall remain nameless — was trying to kill me for about four or five years.” Sheppard wanted to give Crowley a proper send-off and worked with showrunner Andrew Dabb to provide the character with a fitting end, but it was ultimately cut from the final airing and soured the actor’s whole experience.