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How Stephen King
Is Connected To
The Black Phone
"The Black Phone" centers on an abducted teen who discovers he can communicate with the victims of his kidnapper through a mysterious black phone in the basement. The premise feels a lot like something from the mind of Stephen King, and while it’s not, the famous horror writer does have a direct connection to the project.
"The Black Phone" is based on a short story penned by King's son, Joe Hill, and appears in the 2007 short story collection "20th Century Ghosts." Not only did Hill follow in his father's footsteps by becoming a novelist, but he and King have even collaborated on a few short stories.
Hill revealed that the film's screenwriters didn't change much while adapting the short story for the screen, except for one key line. In the story, a character says he is a “part-time clown,” but the screenwriters changed it to “part-time magician,” so no one would assume there is a connection to Stephen King’s “IT.”