How Shrek Could Have Been Wildly Different in the Movies

The on-screen debut of a cranky, green ogre in "Shrek" marked the spawning of a film franchise that would include multiple sequels, TV specials, a musical, and ogre-the-top merchandise. However, there are several ways in which "Shrek" could have been a very, very different movie.
The film is based on the children's book “Shrek!” by William Steig, in which the main character is never referred to as an ogre, despite clearly being one. The book also sees Shrek getting kicked out of the house by his also-green-and-revolting parents, who want him to leave the comforts of home to go out and see the world.
In the movie, Shrek smells bad, but in the book, he's industrial-strength stinky, causing trees and plants to bend away in disgust as he walks by. Additionally, he can cook food simply by giving it an ugly look, has fiery breath, and blows smoke clouds from his ears.