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How Sean Connery
Felt About
Roger Moore And
Daniel Craig As
James Bond
Sean Connery will forever be remembered as the first, and arguably the best, James Bond. The iconic actor never shied away from speaking his mind and he was very candid about how he felt about the Bond portrayals that came after him.
In a clip from 1983 uploaded to YouTube, an interviewer asked Sean Connery, "What do you think is the difference between your playing of Bond and Roger Moore's playing?" He essentially felt Moore was playing 007 as more of a parody in an attempt to go for the laughs.
In a second clip from 2009 in the same YouTube video, Connery praised Daniel Craig, the newest actor to take on the mantle at the time. He said, "It's the spectrum of actors, I mean, from myself to Daniel Craig, who I thought was fantastic, marvelous in the part [...] the danger element, I think he really gets it."