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How Ring Of Power's
Morfydd Clark Uses
Welsh Language
To Connect
To Galadriel
"The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" is going to have a lot of Elves and one of them is the future Lady of Lorien, Galadriel. Looper recently sat down with Galadriel portrayer Morfydd Clark and asked her a couple of questions about how she found ways to connect to her critical character.
During our interview, we asked Morfydd Clark if her bilingual skills — specifically her knowledge of Welsh — have impacted how she portrays her character on screen. She said she was excited to be in a project that had to do with an Elvish storyline and added that her ability to see the world through the Welsh language gave her a chance to tap into a different kind of linguistic inspiration.
She stated, "I feel I can be much more romantic and deep in Welsh. So that was really useful for me because I was thinking, '[What's the] language of her heart? What language does she think in? And how much does she throw this in, and would, in times of rage, would Quenya come in?' So that was really useful. I felt so proud.”