How Nicolas Cage Feels About The Possibility of Playing Ghost Rider Again

Nicolas Cage starred as the titular antihero in two "Ghost Rider" feature films, although they were critically panned. Cage took part in a Reddit Q&A session on April 9, 2022, during which he discussed the possibility of reprising his role as Ghost Rider for Marvel.
"Would you ever return to playing Ghost Rider if Marvel asked you to?" asked Reddit user thebelladonga during Cage's Q&A, which received a thumbs up from over 6,500 Reddit users. "I would really need to see what they had in mind before answering that," Cage answered.
His response could mean one of two things — if Marvel approached Cage with an idea that piqued his interest, he would be open to it, or Cage could be concealing his disinterest in the belief that a good enough idea could theoretically change his mind. In any case, Cage's return as "Ghost Rider" appears to be a long shot for the time being.