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How Nellie
Bertram Almost
Ruined The Office
Even when a show is pretty much perfect, like “The Office,” one misguided character choice can wreck the entire gambit. In “The Office,” the character that very nearly ruined the entire series was Nellie Bertram.
Played by talented British comedian Catherine Tate, Nellie was one of Michael Scott's many replacements. During her season and a half on “The Office,” Nellie proved to be one of the show's more unpleasant characters, displaying a penchant for narcissism and poor judgment, as well as demonstrating a complete lack of the abilities required for a management position.
Nellie would be bad enough as a side character, but as “The Office” floundered in the wake of Steve Carell's absence, perhaps the worst part about her was how prominently and frequently she was featured on the show. Luckily, the hit show was strong enough to withstand plenty of misses thanks to his constant hits, but Nellie was a pretty big blip on its record.