HOLLYWOOD, CA - AUGUST 24:  Actor Mark Margolis attends the world premiere of "Valley Of Bones" at ArcLight Hollywood on August 24, 2017 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Smith Global Media  )
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How Mark
Margolis' Make-Up
On Better Call Saul
Was Different Than
Breaking Bad
The ways in which "Better Call Saul" incorporates some of the best villains from the original series is arguably one of the things "Better Call Saul" does better than "Breaking Bad." However, bringing back the same actors can get tricky, especially for Mark Margolis, who plays the elderly Hector Salamanca in “Breaking Bad.”
Surprisingly, Margolis’ make-up process for “Breaking Bad” was more intense than for “Better Call Saul.” In an interview with AMC, Margolis explained that “on ‘Breaking Bad,’ they literally pulled back my skin with elastic to tighten my face.”
For "Better Call Saul," Margolis said, "It was a subtler thing and they darkened my hair and got rid of some of my lines." Additionally, he added that they dressed Hector in very nice, elegant clothing for the younger role, which allowed viewers to contrast the "younger" Hector with the "older" character from "Breaking Bad," who was usually dressed in a hospital gown.