How Marina Squerciati Really Feels About Kim's Story On Chicago P.D.

"Chicago P.D." Season 9 has been the most intense yet, and no one's had more to deal with than Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati). She barely escaped after her abduction and brutal beating at the hands of Roy Walton (Michael Maize), and thanks to a lie from Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos), she thinks Roy is still on the loose and could come back to hurt her again.
Squerciati knows Kim has suffered immensely on "Chicago P.D." but believes her latest setback is an opportunity for deeper storylines. "She has to figure out how to navigate this new world of mental health and how to put a good front forward for her kid," said the actress.
Squerciati is optimistic that, while times are rough for Kim now, they won't stay that way for the entirety of Season 9. She said, “I think the reason that she's able to bounce back from all these traumas — and she's had many — is that ultimately, before the job got her down, she was this happy, bubbly person and that still exists at her core."