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How Long Does
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Digimon Survive?
“Digimon Survive,” the latest and highly anticipated “Digimon” tactical RPG, is nearing a release date, after originally being set to release in 2019. The game features classic turn-based combat, and the story and tone are more mature than the earlier games.
"Digimon Survive" producer Kazumasa Habu has stated that it should take roughly 40 hours to complete the game's 12 chapters, depending on the skill of the player. He also said that the game could take between 80 and 100 hours to fully complete, if players go back to check all alternate story routes and complete every challenge.
Habu also mentioned that the “volume of text adventure and tactics battle is about 7:3, and the game is mainly text adventure." He also stated that since the target audience for "Digimon Survive" is adult fans, the story has been catered towards a more mature audience than previous games.