How Ice-T Wants Fin's Storyline To End On SVU - Exclusive


Ice-T has played the character of Odafin Tutuola on “Law and Order: SVU” for 24 years. While the rapper makes it a point to not be involved with the writing process for the show, Ice-T recently revealed that he would want his character on “SVU” to go out with a bang.

In a conversation with our sister site Mashed, Ice-T said that he would like Fin’s end on the show to be a blaze of glory fans will always remember. He wouldn’t mind having Fin murdered, or blown up in a car crash, although he might pop up on other Dick Wolf shows.

In lieu of that, Ice-T said, he’d be happy to end up on one of the other ten shows in the Dick Wolf universe. "'Law & Order' could end and I could be climbing a ladder on 'Chicago Fire,"' Ice-T posited. "I could be over on ['Criminal Intent'], so maybe I don't want to die. We'll see. I don't have any plans of going anywhere."