How Gold Rush's Parker Schnabel Really Feels About Gene Cheeseman


“Gold Rush” star Parker Schnabel has had many mentors during his career, with Gene Cheeseman being one of the most notable. Cheeseman worked as a foreman on Parker's crew during Seasons 4 and 5 of “Gold Rush,” but the two fought in the following seasons, with Cheeseman subsequently jumping ships to Tony Beets' crew.

Although Cheeseman and Schnabel had a nasty falling out during Season 6 of “Gold Rush,” the latter has recently spoken about their current relationship. According to Parker Schnabel, their relationship is “fine”, and he often stops in and talks to Gene when he visits Tony Beets.

Despite everything, Schnabel continues to express his gratitude to Cheeseman for being his mentor, saying that he taught him to “really move dirt.” On the other hand, Cheeseman has not yet commented on the current situation between the two.

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