How Gilbert Gottfried's Final Twitter Joke Roasted Chris Rock

The entertainment industry is still reeling from the devastating death of legendary comedian Gilbert Gottfried on April 12, 2022. Gottfried was never dissuaded from leaning into his particular brand of “too soon” humor, as evidenced by his final joke on Twitter.
On March 28, through his official Twitter account, Gilbert Gottfried posted a picture of himself and Chris Rock posing together. The text accompanying the picture said, "Which is the worst crime? Chris Rock being physically assaulted or Chris Rock telling a joke?"
While this might seem like a slightly tongue-in-cheek, humorous question to pose to his Twitter followers, with Gottfried such provocations were his bread and butter as a comedian. It's fitting, that Gottfried's last joke on Twitter was one that so clearly fit his comedic brand: a comment on current events while roasting one of his peers in comedy.