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No one person has more experience as a Targaryen than Emilia Clarke, who famously played Daenerys in "Game of Thrones." As it turns out, she advised Matt Smith (the actor for Daemon Targaryen) to get used to putting on the blonde wig, which he described as “a whole convoluted process.”

Emilia Clarke

After viewing the first trailer, Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (a.k.a. Jaime Lannister) said that “House of the Dragon” would be “quite surreal to watch.” He also complimented the cast of the show, calling them "incredible" and saying "I hope they'll have all the success."

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Kit Harington, who met his wife Rose Leslie on the set of “Game of Thrones,” said that watching “House of the Dragon” might be a little painful. "To see people get into outfits and costumes that resemble what we wore for all those years,” he said, “[with] the same music and style and tone but to not be in it ... there's going to be a rawness there."

Kit Harington

When asked about “House of the Dragon” in an interview, Peter Dinklage said he hopes it isn’t a cash grab like most sequels and that it doesn’t try to recreate the magic of “Game of Thrones.” Ultimately, though, he isn't as cynical about the project as he might initially seem and is excited to watch it purely as a viewer.

Peter Dinklage

Maisie Williams is actually friends with “House of the Dragon” star Olivia Cooke, and mentioned that from their conversations it sounded like a lot of pressure to work under. She wants to be as supportive as possible to Cooke as an actress, but at the same time she is “just really curious” about the show.

Maisie Williams