How Freddy Dodge Really Feels About Gold Rush's Todd Hoffman


Todd Hoffman, one of the most prominent members of the show “Gold Rush,” called it quits after eight seasons. He left the series to pursue business ventures outside of gold mining, and one of his co-stars, Freddy Dodge, commented, "My first impression of Todd as a gold miner is, he wasn't a gold miner.”

Dodge said, "Todd's a dreamer, right? Todd's not the guy to get his hands dirty on a daily basis." Dodge clarified that he liked Hoffman and called him “a good guy,” also adding, "But maybe, you know, at that stage of his life, gold mining wasn't for him at that moment anymore."

It appears that Hoffman has decided that gold mining is right for him now, as he is set to return to the Discovery network with a new show titled "Hoffman Family Gold." Perhaps this new venture will allow Hoffman to prove that he is a gold miner after all.