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How Fans Really
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House Of The
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THIS STORY CONTAINS General Spoilers for "House of the Dragon."


"House of the Dragon" has jumped forward in time again, this time by 10 years. The show's bold gambit has, in many cases, required it to recast several leading roles to reflect this span of lost time. But how does the show's newfound audience feel about this switch-up?
Fans who gathered at the "House of the Dragon" subreddit are thus far fairly pleased with what they're seeing. Many fans took the site to post praise for Olivia Cooke and Emma D'Arcy’s portrayals for their individual performances, one character and actor seems to be standing out among the rest for viewers. "I love the actor they picked for Aegon [Ty Tennant]." said u/quenchy-cactus-juice.
Not every fan had praise for the show's latest time jump — specifically pertaining to the fact that much of the cast is still the same. "Love the logic of how only half the cast actually ages. Oh its been 10 years, give them a new haircut that will do," snarked u/gogommpr13.