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How Angelyne
Emmy Rossum
Like most biographical projects, the actor portraying the subject endeavors to become the living embodiment of the character, transforming physically and even mentally to bring the role to life. For Emmy Rossum, becoming the titular character in “Angelyne” was a long and arduous process, here’s what she had to say about the role's impact on her body.
In a recent interview, Rossum says, "The physicality of the character was challenging. The body is heavy, yet it has to feel light and effervescent.” The role took up a significant chunk of Rossum's time, as she had to spend four to five extra hours in the makeup chair before any co-stars arrived on set.
Additionally, she had to wear fake breasts, which gave her blisters, and two pairs of contacts plus heavy eye makeup, which caused issues with her tear ducts. The real-life Angelyne was not impressed by the “glimpses” of the show she’s seen; viewers can judge for themselves if Rossum’s difficult transformation was worth it. “Angelyne” is now available on Peacock.