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How American
Pickers Fans
Really Feel About
Robbie Wolfe
The popular show “American Pickers,” currently in its twenty-third season, has gone through some growing pains as of late — the original partnership between Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz has crumbled, and Fritz is no longer on the show. Many fans are not pleased with Fritz’s unexpected departure or with his replacement, Wolfe’s brother Robbie.
With Fritz out of the picture, Robbie Wolfe has taken on a larger role in the show, much to the displeasure of some fans on social media. Redditor u/Beat_Grinder started a thread about how much they have come to dislike Robbie, saying, "It's blatantly obvious he doesn't know S*** about antiques. … Robbie truly sickens me with his cheapness and blatant stupidity."
In another thread, Reddit user u/onastockbender replied to a comment about how another user just enjoys seeing antique items, stating, "I get where you're coming from, but watching Mike's brother get put into the mix more and more turned me off the show.” It definitely seems as if some fans have lost their passion for “American Pickers.”