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How All-American's
Inspiration Spencer
Paysinger Really
Feels About
The Show
The teen sports drama "All American" is one of The CW's most popular shows, and it is inspired by former NFL player Spencer Paysinger's struggles he had to endure to make his dream a reality. Some may be curious to hear how the man behind it feels about The CW's "All American."
Paysinger thinks that the show has the potential to make the same significant impact as game changers like "The O.C." or "Friday Night Lights." Early on, he knew they were on to something special.
Paysinger noted, "I always said, and this was when we were shooting the pilot playfully, saying every seven to ten years, there is this high school phenom show that grabs different demographics." The former NFL player added, "I would argue that we are that show."