Homer Simpson Quotes That Haven't Aged Well


In “Homer Goes to College,” Homer enrolls in Springfield University and tells Marge that “As a jock, it is my duty to give nerds a hard time.” The idea that a group of people have the right to bully others and the bullied just to have to accept is an idea that is thoroughly rejected in today’s social climate.


In “Treehouse of Horror,” Homer tells Lisa, “Vampires are make-believe. Just like elves, gremlins, and Eskimos." The last word is now considered a slur, and the preferred term is now Inuit as many of the ethnic and cultural groups native to Alaska and northern Canada are from that lineage.

Outdated Slurs

In “Mr. Plow,” Homer has a fantasy where he drives his snowplow through a crowd of White House protestors in order to make a path for President George Bush to sneak out artwork. A joke that is no longer funny in light of real-life incidents of vehicles being driven in to crowds of peaceful demonstrators, with some ending in fatalities.

Murdering Protesters

When asked who may have been trying to kill him in “The Great Louse Detective,” Homer names “the fat little Dixie Chick” as someone who wanted him dead. No TV show in the 2020s could have a character so bluntly and derisively refer to someone as "the fat little" something or other.

Insults About Looks

In “Miracle of Evergreen Terrace,” Lisa chokes Bart after he lies about why all the Christmas presents are missing. Homer then jumps in to take over the strangulation because her “hands are too weak,” not only demonstrating an abuse escalation, but the power of the cycle of abuse.

Child Abuse