Here's Where You Can Watch Halo Season 1 Online


Plans for a “Halo” live-action adaptation had been in the pipeline ever since 2005 and after numerous production complications, the long-awaited series finally premiered on March 24th, 2022. A new episode will premiere every Thursday until Episode 9, which will be the season finale airing May 19th.

Interested viewers can catch the show on Paramount+, but a subscription is required. Fans might also want to check out the series’ page on the Paramount+ website for extras including; clips, quizzes, and the “Halo After Show.”

Fans of the original game will be tuning in to see how the show incorporates gameplay staples like the Energy Sword and the Warthog vehicle, and how it will put its own spin on the established lore. Even if one is not familiar with the “Halo” games, the show might appeal to any viewer seeking good sci-fi action.