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Young Sheldon
Fans Hope The
Show Will End
Fans of "Young Sheldon" hope the series ends before it has the chance to rewrite history for one of the most significant — and upsetting — events of Sheldon's life. Furthermore, the event itself might be too distressing for some of the show's most diehard aficionados to deal with.
One of the biggest accomplishments of "Young Sheldon" has been its ability to make viewers sympathize with Sheldon's long-deceased old man, George Sr. "The Big Bang Theory" led everyone to believe that he was an adulterous alcoholic, but it turns out that he's actually a decent fella who loves his wife and kids, which is why fans do not want to see him pass away.
One Redditor said, "Honestly, I hope they end it right before George Sr. dies and it's just told in the narration because that's gonna mess me up." But fans might have to brace themselves for the moment because even Raegan Revord, who plays George's daughter, Missy, confirmed on Twitter in response to a fan saying, "I'm already destroyed and it hasn't even happened yet."