Here's How You Can Watch Every Season Of That '70s Show


Fans of the period sitcom “That ‘70s Show” have continued to enjoy the hilarious series on Netflix but since September of 2020, the sitcom has vanished from the streamer’s catalog and can’t be found on Hulu, HBO, or any other subscription-based streamer. So, where is one supposed to get their “That ‘70s Show” fix and why did Netflix let go of the series?

Deadline reported in November of 2019 that Carsey-Werner Distribution, which owns the streaming rights to “That '70s Show” was actively seeking new streaming deals, including one with Netflix. The report added that they were also shopping the sitcom to other services but wanted to give Netflix the opportunity because they were the first service to carry the show.

It seems Carsey-Werner couldn't come to an agreement with Netflix and must have slapped an insane price tag on it because no one else picked it up. For now, the show’s fans can shell out $40-$80 bucks for the series’ DVD and Blu-ray box sets or $30, per season, to watch it on Amazon.