Here's How Robert Eggers Really Feels About The Batman

Robert Eggers may buck commercialism as a filmmaker, but he isn't above enjoying mainstream films from time to time. In a recent interview, the "Northman" director let it slip that he had seen "The Batman," DC's latest adventure with the Caped Crusader, starring Robert Pattinson.
Shockingly, the unconventional filmmaker doesn't hate "The Batman." Robert Eggers may not watch many superhero films, and hasn't read comics since he was a kid, but he still found plenty to enjoy in Matt Reeves' moody take on the caped crusader.
"I saw it really just because Rob [Pattinson] is my friend. But I liked it, and I learned a lot of stuff from it, frankly," Eggers told the Guardian. "I applaud Matt Reeves for keeping an identity and making a film like that. I can't imagine. I guess I just made a big movie, but it's not the same."