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Halo Season
2: What We
Know So Far
The Season 1 finale of “Halo” set the stage for continued conflict, and fortunately, fans don't have to worry about not receiving a resolution to those cliffhangers. Before Season 1 even premiered, the show was renewed for a second season.
Executive producer Kiki Wolfkill recently spoke about Season 2, and while she couldn't give much away in terms of plot, she did promise there would be more to see of Soren and Kwan Ha. She also stated, "I will say we love all three characters — the Master Chief, Soren, and Kwan — and they all have such an interesting dynamic together. To me, that's something that I would love to see more of."
She also confirmed that Season 2 is set to begin filming in the summer of 2022 in Budapest. One of the significant change-ups involves a new showrunner as David Wiener will take the reins from Kyle Killen and Steven Kane. Wolfkill praised Wiener's skills and looks forward to seeing what he would do for the future of "Halo."