Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins from Grey's Anatomy


Grey's Anatomy: Once You're In Shondaland, That's It According To Jessica Capshaw
Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) was on "Grey's Anatomy" for nine seasons. The fun and kindhearted Chief of Pediatric Surgery captured the hearts of fans.
Arizona made her last appearance in Season 14, Episode 24, tying up the character's storyline. Many characters have left, but there is always room for reunions in Shondaland.
According to Capshaw, the door never closes on characters who have left the show. Like any job, people come and go, and the same can be said for Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.
Capshaw said, "Everyone consistently says that once you're in Shondaland, you're in Shondaland. Because it's true ... You're one of her people."
She continued, "So you never say never because unless your character actually genuinely dies, you can always come back. And even then, you could be a ghost."