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The Flash Series Star Grant Gustin attends the red carpet at "The Flash" 100TH Episode Celebration at the Commodore Ballroom.


Grant Gustin Stole This Major Prop From CW's The Flash
Grant Gustin suited up as the titular character for CW’s “The Flash” for 9 seasons. But even though those days are over, he has one important reminder of his time on the show.
During a special cover shoot for Entertainment Weekly, Gustin put away a few show props in a box, except for the unique lighting bolt ring that houses Barry Allen's suit.
Gustin pocketed the ring, but as he admitted to the publication, that wasn't just for the camera; he really did take the ring home.
Gustin told EW, “Right as we were finishing, I was like, ‘This is going to stay in my pocket,’ Now it's in a drawer at home with all of my important jewelry.”
He also said, “I put it on, actually, the other day.” With over a decade acting as Flash, we'd say that Gustin has more than earned the right to keep the ring.