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Ana de Armas in the Apple+ original film Ghosted


Ghosted: Ana de Armas Is Facing Backlash For Her Wig
“Ghosted” is a story of a lovelorn man named Cole (Chris Evans) chasing after the super spy Sadie (Ana de Armas), who ghosted him.
There is no doubt that the story had potential, and Evans and de Armas had chemistry, but it was de Armas' artificial mane that had fans in an uproar on social media.
In the trailer for “Ghosted,” Ana de Armas appears to be rocking a strawberry-blonde hair color that hides the natural dark brown hair she sported in previous films.
Twitter user @defrostjbb openly wondered how big the movie's wig budget was, while @ExposingDeArmas thought the wig made de Aramas look like the killer robot doll M3GAN.
The most savage post came from @TheTrueBoricua, who said the wig team “should be fired and tried in a criminal court and never be hired again in any movie ever.”