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Game Of Thrones'
Kit Harington
Said It Was A
'Dream' Working
With This Actor
Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington, has had a wild journey in “Game of Thrones” full of twists, turns, and hardships until the series’ conclusion. While he was on set working alongside his co-stars and a variety of guest stars, there is one actor in particular that Harington is incredibly fond of.
During an interview with That Shelf on YouTube, Harington talked about working with Peter Dinklage and said, “He's work with him was a bit of a dream.” Both Jon Snow and Dinklage’s character, Tyrion Lancaster, survived to the end of Season 8, and there is still hope that these two characters will reunite in a future project.
HBO plans to create many spin-offs to “Game of Thrones,” and one includes Jon Snow as the lead character that will reportedly pick up where the series left off, detailing Snow’s life beyond the Wall following his exile. Both Herrington and Dinklage helped bring “Game of Thrones” to success, and fans can only hope that Tyrian Lannister will appear in this spin-off!