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Many looked back fondly on "Full House" decades after it came out, which made it all the more exciting when Netflix announced it was reviving the series with the original cast in the form of "Fuller House." However, while "Full House" is a classic, it's evident that even fans didn't think "Fuller House" lived up to the original's legacy.
"Full House" was a cornerstone of many people's childhoods, so watching this new show as an adult means it will not live up to such lofty expectations. On Reddit, fan  u/No_Profession_8241 wrote, "Fuller House felt so forced, so unnatural, it wasn't realistic either, like the random singing and dancing.”
On a separate thread, someone stated, "It wasn't as good as the original by any stretch, and it's far cheesier (like unbelievable cheesy)." Anyone needing a quick hit of nostalgia may find something worthwhile in "Fuller House," but many fans seem to think it doesn't stand on its own.