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Floribama Shore
Season 5: What
We Know So Far
Season 4 of "Floribama Shore" filmed late in 2020 with episodes airing between February and May of 2021, and as of this writing Season 5 has not been confirmed. However, fans are hopeful the next season will begin filming soon.

Release Date

It is hard to say which member of the cast would return should the show get renewed. However, it is unlikely Kortni Gilson or Nilsa Prowant Season 4 will rejoin the cast.

The Cast

There’s no "Floribama Shore" Season 5 trailer yet, and it's possible Season 4 could be its last season. Most of the original cast has seemingly moved on, however, MTV could always introduce a new cast who love drinking, fighting, and hooking up, but only time will tell.

The Trailer