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Final Trailer For
The Boys Season 3
Is Making It
Impossible To Wait
"The Boys Presents: Diabolical" provided a satisfying appetite suppressant in the intervening months since Season 2 aired its shocking (and bloody) finale. However, anticipation for Season 3, which is set to premiere on June 3, could scarcely be higher.
The first teaser trailer released was light on dialog and plot specifics, but still managed to provide a peek overloaded with the satirical bite and gleeful violence that has come to be expected from "The Boys." Now, a more conventional trailer has been unveiled, and it features some very interesting hints about what's to come for the Boys and the Seven following last season’s seismic events.
While the new trailer, now with dialog, provides a closer angle on some of the Season 3 elements ripped straight from the pages of the popular comic (like Butcher's forthcoming superpowers) the trailer also contains plenty of occluded material in need of careful deciphering. One thing is for sure, this new trailer reminds us just how much we've been missing Amazon Prime’s flagship series.