Fast And Furious Fans Just Got Exciting Villain News


Jason Momoa is the most recent A-list action star to join the star-studded cast of the “Fast And Furious” franchise. Info has mostly been slim on his character, but the star recently revealed a key detail that hints at a major plot point for the upcoming sequel.

Charlize Theron is set to return as the rogue hacker Cipher in the tenth film, and she just might have a partner in crime this time around. In a recent interview, Jason Momoa revealed that he'll be shooting scenes with Theron, implying that he’ll play a villain that will cross paths with Cipher.

It will be interesting to see how Momoa and Theron's villains mesh together, as Cipher's previous plan with Jakob Toretto in "F9" was essentially a disaster that brought the team closer together. Momoa also revealed that he'll be shooting scenes with Diesel and that he believes his villain is misunderstood.