Fans Of The Adam Project Just Got Exciting News


Ryan Reynolds' "The Adam Project" debuted on Netflix last week, and despite its lukewarm critical reception, viewers loved this Amblin-esque family adventure that saw Reynolds' time-traveling hero get in touch with his younger self. Directed by Shawn Levy, the film had enough nostalgia and surprises that it's no wonder that it became one of Netflix’s most successful films.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The Adam Project” hit a significant milestone, pulling in an impressive 92.4 million hours streamed over the March 11 to 13 weekend. That puts it behind just "Don't Look Up" and another Reynolds’ film, “Red Notice,” on the list of Netflix films with the largest opening weekends.

Levy and Reynolds have kept their chemistry going since their big-screen videogame bonanza "Free Guy." Reynolds will be taking a brief break from acting, but given the considerable triumph of “The Adam Project,” it wouldn't be a surprise if both Reynolds and Levy returned for another Netflix project in the near future.