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Jackass 4.5
Crystal Clear
Fans took to Reddit to discuss “Jackass 4.5” the extended installment of “Jackass Forever” which was released in theatres earlier this year. Some Redditors argued it is hilarious extra content that shows the intense chemistry between the cast which seemed to be missing from the feature film.
Not everyone believes that "Jackass 4.5" improved on the film, however. One Redditor wrote that the franchise has failed to keep up with the earlier installments: "I was hoping this would redeem forever for me. Turned it off about halfway through. I can watch jackass movies over and over, but these new ones just aren't doing it for me."
Other fans agreed, adding that too many pranks or stunts focused on the male anatomy. Whether the fans loved it or hated it, the franchise proved to do today what it did 22 years ago; it got everyone talking about it.