"The Flash" Series Star Grant Gustin attends the red carpet at "The Flash" 100TH Episode Celebration at the Commodore Ballroom on November 17, 2018 in Vancouver, Canada.


Fan Redesign of Grant Gustin's Flash Suit Is Perfect For James Gunn's DCU
Grant Gustin has become a popular fan cast for the DCU Flash role, given his tenure as the speedster on The CW's "The Flash." Fan artist horrific.heroics has run with that idea.
Taking to Instagram, they reimagined Gustin's take on the Fastest Man Alive, posting concept art for what he could look like in the rebooted DCU.
The design depicts Barry in an all-new suit with a yellow belt, gloves, trademark wing ears, and a lightning bolt on the chest, perfectly accenting the classic red outfit.
Horrific.heroics' Flash concept art gives the character a look more accustomed to his comic book costume, which previous live-action adaptations never got quite right.
Should James Gunn want to lean into the DC multiverse to bring the DCU's Flash to life, this art perfectly showcases what Gustin could look like as the new version of the hero.