Luffy looking determined.


Fan Gives An Anime Overhaul To The One Piece: Netflix Trailer
The trailer for Netflix’s live-action “One Piece” series featured familiar faces and scenes from the anime. One fan decided to recreate the trailer with scenes from the original.
Uploaded to YouTube by lordlook, the reimagined trailer uses scenes from the anime and the audio from the live-action trailer to give it a classic look.
Instead of older anime episodes, the creator sourced high-definition scenes from modern specials and movies, resulting in a detailed fan trailer.
The fact that the scenes from the anime match up so well with the live-action adaptation bodes well for the series. The casting is one of the adaptation’s major strong points.
The fan trailer has garnered over 1 million views since its release. Commenter @Kat-bv9fc praised the selection of animated scenes, and @Bluacezz2251 emphasized its impressiveness.
@BoxedGDrums sees it as a positive omen for the Netflix series, and @Takashii85 lauded the fitting Netflix dub, especially Iñaki Godoy's voice as Luffy.