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Fall Guys:
How To Fix The
'Stuck On Loading
Screen' Error
"Fall Guys", the beloved battle royale game, just launched Season 4, adding a wealth of new content for players to enjoy. The only problem with these big content drops is that because they tend to draw tons of new players, (which would normally be great for matchmaking lobbies), the sudden influx can overwhelm game servers.
Long loading screens can be very annoying, but the first thing players should do when trying to get into a match is give the game a little bit of time instead of exiting and reentering the queue repeatedly. Players should also check the official @FallGuysGame Twitter account and the "Fall Guys" Down Detector page to see if developers have posted about any issues that they’re currently resolving.
Players should also make sure their internet connection is stable and that “Cross-Platform Matchmaking” is turned on in the game’s Options menu or they can try changing the Server Region. Players uninstall and reinstall the game, just in case the file is corrupted, but that should be a last resort.