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For nine seasons on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” Patricia Heaton portrayed Debra, the spitfire wife of comedian Ray Romano's on-screen persona, Ray Barone. She stays at home to care for their three children, while Ray's interfering mother, Marie, lives directly across the street, which led to some not-so-endearing moments for Debra, but her behavior in one particular episode truly angered fans.
In the episode "Super Bowl,” Ray covers the game and lands a weekend trip for two to Tampa, but invites his friend, Gianni, much to the annoyance of Debra. After arriving, Ray feels guilty and asks Debra to come, but an argument ensues when Debra learns she'll be with the other women for most of the trip, and Ray tears up his tickets to the big game.
On Reddit, many fans agreed this shows Debra at her worst; as u/karti24 said, "I feel like she pushed and pushed Ray until he ripped up his super bowl tickets, and then when she realized how horrible she looked, she completely backtracked." Additionally, u/Character-Attorney22 pointed out that if the tables were turned, Debra would not have been happy with Ray's behavior.