Every Symbol On The Ozark Season 4 Episode Title Cards Explained


Episode 1

No flamingo floaties appear, but the first symbol probably references the floatie Ruth’s cousins fight over, and the pastry brings to mind the box of pastries Javi brings to Marty and Wendy. Ruth buys the Lazy-O-Motel as a laundering front, which explains the key, and we can infer that the piñata is a symbol for Omar’s party.

Episode 2

The rosary beads could either refer to the beads we see in the thrift store or to Navarro’s confession, and the cleaning supplies come from the scene where Javi and Marty clean up after a murder. The chemical structure is likely a reference to Clare Shaw’s biopharmaceutical company, and the computer equipment is an obvious reference to the equipment Jonah gets.

Episode 3

“City on the Make” has a tense dinner scene where Javi demonstrates how to eat an oyster, which explains the oyster and lemon, and the bolt cutters represent the ones used in a raid on Javi’s shipments. The third symbol represents the Chinese food the Byrdes eat before leaving for Chicago, and the final picture seems to depict the chemistry tools Shaw uses to measure opium.

Episode 4

The family photos reference a sequence in Wendy’s father’s home, where there are almost no pictures of Wendy and her family, and the shovel and headstone represent the quick death and burial of Kerry Stone’s driver. The third photo is most likely a spoon and a bag of drugs, which is what almost kills Kerry Stone, and the goat represents the goat-shaped urn that Ben’s ashes are kept in.

Episode 5

“Ellie” features a tense scene where Ruth attempts to make a drug deal with someone more interested in a video game, which explains the controller, and the pulse symbol represents Darlene’s heart attack. The jar of honey comes from Darlene and Wyatt’s sale at the market, and the file folder represents the wire fraud information that Wendy shares with Senator Schafer.

Episode 6

The bottle cap is a reference to the humorous scene where Jonah struggles to open a beer bottle, and the enigmatic cherries are likely a callback to Jacob’s death in Season 2. The coffee references the scene where Wendy fails to reconnect with her father over coffee, and the stethoscope represents both the doctor and nurse who attend to Darlene.

Episode 7

“Sanctified” features a scene where Marty talks about his kids’ future over a campfire, which explains the first symbol, and the rings represent Wyatt and Darlene's wedding. The Christmas tree references the decorations of the abandoned mall where a deal is negotiated, and the woman with the gun is Ruth, who briefly holds Marty hostage.

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