HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JULY 20: (EDITORS NOTE: This image has been converted to black and white. Color version available.) Norman Lear attends the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony honoring Marla Gibbs on July 20, 2021 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)
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“The Dumplings” featured plus-sized actors Geraldine Brooks and James Coco playing Angela and Joe Dumpling, a married couple running a lunch counter in New York City. There was a cast of different and interesting characters, but most jokes centered around the titular couple’s weight, making “The Dumplings” hard to watch in 2022.
24. The Dumplings
Lasting only six episodes, “Sunday Dinner” brought audiences into the weekly gatherings of the Benedict family, whose patriarch, Ben Benedict, has fallen for a woman twenty years younger than him, much to the chagrin of his sister and adult daughters. “Sunday Dinner” had a stripped-down, bare bones execution that didn’t quite work for viewers.
23. Sunday Dinner
“The Baxters'' seemed like a typical sitcom at first: three generations living under one roof, all trying to understand a rapidly changing world. However, after the scripted portion, the show turned into a talk show, where a studio audience would discuss the real social issues faced by the fictional brood; ultimately, the shift in tone ended up being too strange for most viewers.
22. The Baxters
Nancy Walker’s eponymous show featured her as Nancy Kitteridge, a high-end talent agent inconceivably running her business from home. Despite Walker’s comedic chops, the show felt oddly low-budget and like a sitcom from another age, sort of like "I Love Lucy," obsessed with "showbiz" and trading in extra-broad characters.
21. The Nancy Walker Show
Set in an alternate universe, where women dominated the workplace while men acted as receptionists and stay-at-home dads, “All That Glitters” parodied soap operas, corporations, and the sexism of mid-century America. Unfortunately, the show was too ambitious and clever with its satire, and was met with poor reviews.
20. All That Glitters