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Eddie runs the Hellfire Club, a roleplaying game group our protagonists have joined, and while he is certainly no angel, he's also not the devil that most people believe him to be. Life has been rough for Eddie, and it’s about to get a lot rougher, as most of Hawkins suspects him of being a serial killer.

Eddie Munson

Argyle, the delivery driver for Surfer Boy Pizza and a gentle stoner, is the only friend Jonathan has made in California. Argyle's a lover, not a fighter and while on their road trip instantly falls for Eden, Suzie's older sister.


We should probably hate this season's otherworldly evil monster the most, but Angela gives Vecna a run for his money. El’s the target of intense bullying at her high school, and Angela is the ringleader of the mean kid circus.


Dmitri has to play the part of a sadistic guard; he's keeping his fingers crossed that his prisoner, Hopper, can beat the odds and make it out of prison. Necessity makes the two allies as they face off against a Demogorgon.


Victor believes his home in Hawkins was haunted by a demon who tortured his wife and daughter while keeping him occupied with nightmarish visions. He's a shell of a man when Nancy and Robin come to question him, and as of yet, he doesn't know the real story of what happened.

Victor Creel