Evan Peters' Least Memorable AHS Character According To Fans


Evan Peters has been a main cast member in nine of the 10 seasons of “American Horror Story,” only stepping back from "1984" to recover from how intense his "Cult" role was. However, not all of his characters were memorable ones, with the character of Kyle from Season 3 taking the cake as perhaps the most pointless one.

Kyle Spencer, from “American Horror Story: Coven,” is a frat boy with a heart of gold who, after his passing, is resurrected and reconstructed with the bodies of his fraternity brothers. While fans agree that it is a cool concept, the character does not do much for the season, which focuses on witches and their race to find a new Supreme.

Fans seem to unanimously agree that Kyle’s storyline in “Coven” went nowhere, unfortunately making it one of Peters’ least interesting characters. Some believe that the character could have been interesting, but he wasn’t a good match for the story and got sidelined in the writing process.

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