Elden Ring: How To Solve The Carian Study Hall Pedestal Puzzle


After defeating Preceptor Miriam, players can find the Carian Glintstone Staff in the area before the circular balcony and the Cerulean Seed Talisman can be reached with a ladder in the rafters above the balcony. Most importantly, there’s a pedestal in the first room of the Carian Study Hall, use this will reveal the inverted version of the tower — but first, you will need to find the required item.

Two Versions Of Carian

In order to get the necessary item to advance, players will need to complete the first half of Ranni the Witch's questline. After agreeing to serve Ranni, players will be tasked with finding the region known as Nokron but they will need to defeat General Radahn in order to get there.

Ranni The Witch's Quest

Radahn is one of the toughest bosses, players should keep an eye out for multiple gold summoning signs which drawins his attention away from them and administers a decent amount of damage to him. Ride around on Torrent until he goes back to killing the NPCs and then use a weapon with built-in bleed effects or blood loss grease to attack.

General Radahn

Navigate down the hole, created by Radahn’s defeat, to Nokron. After winning the Mimic Tear battle navigate across rooftops until you find a locked room inside a church. Unlock it with the Stonesman Key, find the Mimic Tear Spirit ashes and head back to Ranni's Rise, to receive the Carian Inverted Statue.

In Nokron

Place the statue on the pedestal in the study hall to flip the building upside down. After fighting and defeating Preceptor Miriam again, navigate back down to an elevator to fight the Godskin Noble to obtain the armor set, and then to the tower to find the Stargazer’s Heirloom and the Cursemark of Death.

Carian Inverted Statue