Elden Ring: How To Remove The Hug Lady's Health Debuff


In Elden Game, Fia, an NPC found at the Roundtable Hold, will ask the player for a hug to gain “lifely vigor” and “stoutheartedness.” If the player agrees to embrace her, they will receive Balachin’s Blessing, which when consumed, will increase their poise and physical damage.

The downside of the Blessing is that there is a 5% permanent debuff that is applied if the item is in one’s inventory. In all cases, the HP debuff is more damaging than any of the 15-second buffs, but there is an easy way to get rid of it.

The player should use Balachin’s Blessing when fighting against an enemy that they are having a hard time defeating, such as a boss that’s outside of one’s armor or weapon level. While the HP debuff is in place, increasing one’s poise and physical damage might be the key to victory.