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Ed Helms Reveals
The Most
Daunting Scene
He Had To Film
For The Office
Andy Bernard’s journey toward conquering his anger is a key storyline in the Season 3 episode "The Return," which sees Dwight Schrute leave the paper distribution company. According to Ed Helms who played Andy, one particular scene in this episode was the most daunting to film during his entire time on "The Office."
In Season 3's "The Return," Jim pays a prank on Andy, causing Andy to lose his cool and punch his fist through the office wall. In an episode of the "Office Ladies" podcast, Helms revealed that the wall punch was the first time he ever had to perform a stunt on camera.
While a pad was fixed onto the inner wall so that Helms' hand wouldn't hit wood or aluminum, he "didn't want to screw up the punch." "I didn't want to get it wrong," Helms added. "I think we only did two takes or so [...] There was a pad in there, but I think breaking through the sheetrock skinned up my knuckles. So yeah, that was pretty intense."