Easter Eggs You Missed In The Batman


rogues gallery

In “The Batman,” Riddler is seen leaving behind greeting cards for Batman at the crime scenes, which contain clues about what he's actually looking for. Fans can notice a reference to a Batman villain on the cover of each card, including the Court of Owls, Hugo Strange, Mad Hatter, and others.

Martha & the Arkhams

Unlike earlier “Batman” films, Matt Reeves’ version draws a connection between Martha and the Arkham family, which is an obvious reference to the “Earth One” storyline. We learn in the film that during Thomas Wayne's run for mayor, a reporter threatened to expose Martha's time in Arkham Asylum.

Catwoman's father

Borrowing elements from “The Long Halloween”, “Dark Victory”, and “Catwoman: When in Rome,” “The Batman” establishes Carmine Falcone as Selina Kyle’s father. The film establishes that her mother died a long time ago, and she wants to get close enough to Falcone to exact revenge, even though he doesn’t know the truth.

Year One

In "Batman: Year One," one of the most definitive Batman stories, Catwoman scratches a side of Carmine's face, resulting in claw scars for the remainder of the arc. A similar scene occurs in "The Batman" when Catwoman and Carmine get into a fight and she scratches his face with her long nails.

Riddler's name

Although the comics and previous films have established the Riddler’s real name to be Edward Nigma (E. Nigma), a cartoony name would have not worked with the tone of “The Batman.” In the comic books, after "Crisis on Infinite Earths," it's established that Riddler's birth name is Edward Nashton, which is the name Reeves decided to use.

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