Easter Eggs You Missed In Morbius




When Michael Morbius saves his friend Milo’s life, Dr. Nikols (Jared Harris) says he can send Morbius to a “school for gifted children” in New York. X-Men fans will know he’s referencing Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, but it’s just a reference — when the X-Men return, it’ll be in the MCU.

Xavier’s School

In a conversation between Nikols and Milo, the wealthy villain says he recently crossed paths with a dangerous “Russian gentleman,” implied to be Kraven the Hunter, a longstanding “Spider-Man” villain. Sony is working on a “Kraven” movie with Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Kraven the Hunter

Morbius works towards curing his unique blood disorder at Horizon Labs, which is actually a huge location in “Spider-Man” history. Peter Parker worked there during Dan Slott’s run on the character, and of course, Morbius works for Horizon in the comics as well.

Horizon Labs

At one point, Morbius transforms into a monster and slaughters a gang of mercenaries aboard a ship called the Murnau. This is a reference to F.W. Murnau, who helmed the first-ever vampire movie, “Nosferatu” (1992), and in that film, Count Orlok also kills several people on a boat.

the murnau

When FBI Agent Rodriguez (Al Madrigal) investigates the Murnau, she mentions “that thing in San Francisco,” a reference to Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), AKA Venom. The “Venom” films take place in the same universe as “Morbius,” as the film reminds us more than once.

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