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In the very first episode of "Andor," viewers start seeing flashbacks to Cassian's childhood on Kenari, his home planet. These flashbacks make good on Cassian's claim in “Rogue One” when he told Jyn Erso, "I've been in this fight since I was six years old."
Since I was six...
Near the end of the first episode, during a couple of pulled-out shots of the junkyard Cassian is rummaging through, viewers may recognize some of the ships occupying the yard. A Y-Wing starfighter, first used by the Republic during the Clone Wars, and what looks like a variant of the T-47 airspeeder from "The Empire Strikes Back" can both be spotted.
Rebel ships
"Andor" makes it clear that its inspiration comes fully from the original, old-school tech of the first "Star Wars" films. From the numerous computer screens filled with hard lines to the digital readouts on Luthen Rael's binoculars, if you keep your eyes peeled you'll catch a lot of little gadgets and gizmos that have appeared in previous "Star Wars" stories.
Classic Tech
Early in Episode 2, when the shopkeeper goes to what appears to be a public transmission station, a marquee over the establishment has a red crescent logo that looks strikingly like the symbol of the Rebel Alliance. There's almost certainly no actual connection, but the sign could be meant as a subtle allusion to the fate that soon comes for Cassian Andor.
Hidden logo?
When the corporate security agents come to Ferrix to hunt Cassian in Episode 2, they come in ships that are strikingly reminiscent of the Republic gunships used in the Clone Wars. While there are certainly differences between the old gunships and the landing craft seen in "Andor," their striking similarities are interesting to say the least.
Clone Wars surplus